"Dearest Noodle, My mommy wants to thank you for being so wonderful to us over the past few years. Your customer service is top notch...I am the best-dressed doxie on Oahu and probably all the Hawaiian islands! Your harnesses are just perfect for the Doxie physique: nothing rubs on my elbows, my neck is free from pulling and the adjustable velcro waist is so comfy...a perfect design and oh I love the way it fits comfortably over my broad chest. I sleep in my sack bed every night and love, love, love my plaid doxie coat on cold Hawaii nights lol. Warmest Aloha, Lola"

“I just love my new raincoat (and my toy too!) It fits me perfectly and my mom loves it too. With all the rain we've been having lately, it was a must buy!”

“I absolutely love your clothing line for the weiners!! It is nice to see something that actually fits those long bodies!! Very stylish!!”

“I think this [raincoat] might actually convince my dachshund it's okay to pee in the rain.”

“Wow. Way cute couture. It's like two of my favorite things in one site: Project Runway and dachshunds!”

“We LOVE the noodle boodles! Frankie wore one all day yesterday. She looks so darling in it.”

“Abby and I agree; the Winterberry Coat is the height of fashion.”

“Tres chic!”

“My little Gypsie (longhaired dachshund) just looks great with her new cherry raincoat and together with her cherry boodle it’s even better. Noodle’s coats are just awesome for dachshunds; they fit perfectly to their long bodies and keep them warm. I really appreciate the combination of the colors, the ease with which I can dress Gypsie and all these little details on the coat, the buttons, and the pockets (with two bags). The little slit on the back to fix the lead to the harness under the coat is also a great idea. I would also like to mention that Megan, Marco and Noodle are extremely friendly and helpful. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask them. Thanks to you three for everything! With no hesitation I will order another coat or sweater when Gypsie will need one. Beware! You can become addicted to Noodle’s fashion!!!”

“My 2 mini dapples LOVE their new coats! Koa is extremely handsome in his navy trench and Nani is so pretty in her camel coat. These coats are warm enough for the snow outside but also mold to their bodies well so they can scamper and spazz out and play without worrying about getting tangled up. The fabrics are beautiful and the coats are so well made. Finally, I have gorgeous finely tailored coats to give my beloved doxies!!! Did I mention they look amazing...?”

“All the foster families have been chatting about your website and we all love your doxie coats and accessories!”

“Thank you so much, I received my order today and my baby loves it, she is sleeping in the harness right now, and she normally hates that kind of thing on her!!! Thank you so much for the toy, she loves that as well. My rottweiler has already tried to steal it from her many times. They have now decided to share! I really love the quality of your products and I assure you there will be other orders from me in the future.”

“Just wanted to let you know that we received our special order harness from Noodle. Our little girl loves it as well as her human family. She is safe from hurting her neck. We are thinking of ordering another for a back up.”

“My Doxies Axl and Ozzy went mad over [the squeaky face toy]! Even dropping their chewy bones to play with it.”

“I can't believe that a burly 60 something veterinarian would be dressing up a lapdog like Barbie. Dachsie people are all crazy, aren't we? (But in a very nice way.)”

“I wanted to let you know that we received our coat, harness, and name tag. Everything is great. I love the coat and Cooper does too.”

“Noodle, you are not only beautiful, but very efficient! Thank you!”

“You guys rock!”

“Noodle, your Peacoat was a HIT at Nathan's Birthday party at a local dog-friendly restaurant. Many of his friends expressed desire to have one too!”

“My Mommy sews for me and my brothers all the time - mostly costumes, scarves, hats, and blankets, and she has found that we are hard to fit - our chests are big, our legs short, and our bodies long. She fell in love with your coats because they meet her high standards!”

“I bought the red and yellow rainy day jackets for my 2 mini dachshund puppies - Marley and Sammy. I absolutely love them!! They are the BEST coats I have bought for them. They are really well made and completely cover them so they don't get soaked when they romp through the snow! I also love the boodles for their necks. Hope your business is BOOMING!! Best of luck to you.”

“Pronto LOVES (or I should say "loved') the squeaky face toy - thank you! He never put it down for like 3 days until he ripped it to pieces - a sign of true love in a toy! We are already fans of Noodle and Friends on Facebook - found you right away after loving our experience!”

“I have nothing but positive and kind words to say about Noodle and Friends as a company, and have already passed along your website to my doxie lover friends. The transaction was so simple, the website easy to navigate - and it arrived in only a few days. I love the quality of the item that we got - so I couldn't be happier! All my very best to you in starting this very wonderful shop! We will shop again!”

“Your site is so uplifting and fun!”

“I *ADORE* you!!!! I am in absolute LOVE with the peacoat and sunshine raincoat ensembles!!!!!! OMG!!!! I will certainly spread the word!!!!”

“I love the coats-they are high quality, soft and fit so well-I am so happy to have something that finally fits my Luci & Holly. I love that I don't have to pull their little arms through holes anymore and that the coat actually covers their entire bodies. The pockets are adorable and they absolutely loved the squeak toys! Especially my older dog-she hasn't played with a toy in ages! I had no trouble at all with your website, your package arrived safely and quickly.”

“Cooper looks like a little gentleman in his coats and they fit him perfectly!”

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Sunshine Harness. I had looked in all the stores, even Petco and couldn't find anything that fit a dachshund. It's perfect and we really appreciate the packaging touch as well as the great toy! Our "Happy" boy loves it....”

"Riley and I just wanted to thank you for the new harness. It is the best harness he has ever had, really made nicely for the doxie body. He had hurt his neck and needed to get one for walking, this is great, it came fast and fit nicely."